Cancellation Terms
  • Please remember that we require 30 days notice for cancellation, which means that you are responsible for any payments that occur within 30 days of your request to cancel.
  • If applicable, cancellation fees must be paid before your final usage date.
  • All fees and outstanding dues must be paid in order for cancellation, to take effect.
  • This form does not cancel your Personal Training membership.
  • Memberships cannot be cancelled during a freeze.
Update as of March 12, 2020

In response to the recent health concerns, City Fitness is waiving all membership freeze fees through April 30.

Update as of March 17, 2020

If you freeze your membership for the 4/3 billing period, you can still use the gym during that period (without being charged) if we’re able to reopen as planned on 4/1.

We are stopping billing for all memberships effective April 14. Billing will resume after we reopen. (Our reopening date is to be determined, based on when officials say it is safe.) See our covid-19 update page for more information. If you wish to cancel your membership, or freeze your membership for a later date, you are still welcome to do so via the form below. 


Freezing your membership allows you to pause payments for up to 6 months. (There is normally a $2.50 biweekly fee, but we are currently waiving all freeze fees until further notice.) When your freeze period is over, your account will automatically return to active status and you can return to the club without paying an enrollment fee or new membership rate. The original billing plan designated by your membership contract will resume.

You must fill out the form below to submit a freeze request. We are unable to process freeze requests over email, social media message, phone, or any other method. 

It takes 7 days to process a freeze request from the time it is submitted. Once your request is processed, it will take effect on the next billing date. For example, if you submitted a freeze request on March 18, it will be processed by March 25, and will take effect on the next billing date, which is April 3.

You will receive an email confirmation once your request has been reviewed. 

Please note that the form below does not freeze your Personal Training membership.

If you would like to freeze your membership, fill out the form on this page.


Cancelling your membership would subject you to enrollment fees and any new membership rates if you decide to return to the gym at a later date. 

We are currently waiving all cancellation fees, and the 30-day notice period typically required for cancellation. All outstanding dues must be paid in order for cancellation to take effect.

Please note that the form below does not cancel your Personal Training membership.

If you would like to cancel, fill out the form below.

Due to mounting health concerns, City Fitness will be closing down operations as of 5 p.m. today, Monday, March 16th, through Tuesday, March 31st.

We will be communicating our plan for all membership and billing questions to you shortly. During this brief period, please note that we will not be able to make any changes to your membership account. For now, we are asking for your patience as we are working to navigate through this challenging situation ensuring that we are able to take care of our staff, families, and members.