Change your habits, change your life.

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Every change starts with a choice 

City Fitness provides members access to nutrition andwellness specialists through Well-Choices. 

Choose your coach, schedule your first appointment,and take your fitness and health goals to the next level with expert coaching in nutrition, hydration, stress management, sleep, activity, and habit change. 

Programs include scheduled video meetings, unlimited messaging, meal plans and recipes, educational content,and lifestyle coaching designed to fit your needs. 

Nutrition & Wellness Specialists 

Well-Choices coaches are recruited for their passion and commitment to their client’s success. You can choose from a group of experienced health coaches with advanced training and degrees with various backgrounds, including Clinicians, Dieticians, Holistic Nutritionists, and Naturopathic Doctors. 

Well-Choices coaches will customize the programming and coaching content to meet your goals and background, whether you are a performance athlete, on a weight loss journey, or just getting started. 

Select A Coach

Holistic Program Design

The Well-Choices program is designed to help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals through maintainable andenjoyable lifestyle changes. Our holistic approach integrates elements of more traditional nutrition and wellness programswith a strong focus on the underlying internal and external factors that often derail our long-term success. 

Define Your Goals, History, and Needs.

Examine Internal & External Influences

Understand Positive vs Negative Habits 

Identify Stressors & Triggers

Create Guidelines &Action Plan 

Reinforce Change &Program Evolution 


"It’s amazing how Well Choices has transformed mymind into healthy eating! The coaching iseducational and motivational."- - - Nadine 

"I am very excited that I lost 9 pounds in five weeks byparticipating in the Well-Choices Health Coaching program.The app is easy to use, and the menus and one on oneweekly coaching sessions helped me to stay motivated"
- Dana

"The biggest help for me was the stress managementand accountability. I've always known what I should bedoing but I just never follow through."
- Scott

"I am a teacher who commutes to the city everyday, being able to meet with my coach throughvideo chat made it easy."
- Mary

"Starting with the small changes and working towardlarger ones really helped me get into a routine Icould stick with. 
- Dustin

"Well-Choices helped me change some of the badhabits I developed. More importantly, it helped mecreate some of the good ones I had lost."
- Brian