Covid-19 Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I’ve already frozen my account?

Your membership will continue to be frozen throughout the length of the closure. If your original freeze request goes beyond the reopening date, your membership will remain frozen until the date given in your freeze confirmation email.

What if my account is frozen when the gym reopens? Can I still workout?

No, you will need to unfreeze your gym membership to access the gym. Just stop by the club and fill out a request to unfreeze at the front desk. You’ll be prorated for any days remaining in the billing period. You will not have to pay any penalty and once your ‘unfreeze form’ is filled out you’ll have immediate access to the gym.

What happens to my 3- or 12-month membership? Is the timeframe that City Fitness is closed going to be added on to the backend of my contract?

While your membership billing will be paused from April 14 until after we reopen, the time lapsed will still count toward the length of your membership term. In other words, if we’re closed for 2 months, then 2 months will still come off of your contract. E.g. Using the 2 month closure example, if you went into the closure with 10 months left on your term, you’d come out with only 8 months left. If your contract was set to expire during the closure, it still will and roll into month-to-month.

Am I still able to cancel my membership if I need to?

Absolutely. Please submit a cancellation form through the website and the billing team will be in touch with additional information and a confirmation.

I need to freeze my membership for a later date and am not sure if you’re going to be open by then. Should I still submit a freeze request?

Members are still able to submit a freeze request if there is a period of time they’ll need their account frozen despite not knowing if the club will be open by then or not (summer at the shore, fall vacation). Just fill out the freeze request form on the website for those future dates like usual and we’ll be in touch with a confirmation once processed.  If you don’t complete a freeze request, note that your membership billing will still stop as of April 14 until after we reopen.

My annual facility fee was due to be paid through the closure, will I still be charged?

We have rescheduled all annual fees that were due to be billed starting April 1. These annual fees will now be billed after we reopen.

I also have a Thrive membership. Is that billing also going to be paused?

If you are a Thrive member, Thrive dues will also be stopped from April 14 until after we reopen, unless you have already opted in to continue billing and participate in our Thrive Anywhere program.

When will I be charged again? When will my membership dues start being charged again?

Your membership will resume active status and your membership dues will start being charged again after we reopen. (Our reopening date is to be determined, based on when officials say it is safe.)

You said you were charging us to continue to pay your employees and now you are stopping billing? How are you supporting your staff?

We are hopeful that we’ll be able to receive emergency funding from the federal government that will allow us to support our staff through the coming weeks. We do have other expenses, but if we’re able to support our staff with the government’s help, we no longer want to ask that of our members.

Will I still receive credit for the dues I paid during the closure?/ What about all the dues I already paid?

You’ll still receive the credits that we laid out in previous communications for dues paid during the closure: a dollar for dollar rewards points credit, which you can use toward your dues or other City Fitness rewards products and services, plus a Thrive session and a WE/FIT session. These credits will be made available and outlined in a member communication after we reopen.

I’ve read your FAQs, but I still have other questions. Who can help me?

Our staff are doing their best to help members as quickly as possible. You can contact us with your questions in one of two ways:

For billing related questions, please fill out a BILLING INQUIRY FORM
For all other questions, please fill out a MEMBER FEEDBACK FORM