We’re still waiting for officials’ green light to reopen, but in the meantime, we wanted to share what we’ve been working on behind the scenes: raising the bar on safety.

As you know, high standards are in our DNA. We set the bar for what it means to be a clean club, and to offer cutting-edge technology that supports your health. Now, we’re taking that to the next level.

Over the past several weeks, with guidance from health officials, we’ve been working hard to reimagine the City Fitness experience and invest in new resources to protect the health and safety of our community.

You can read all about our commitment to safety on our new webpage, but here are a few highlights of what you can expect when we reopen:

Next-level clean

  • Medical-grade cleaning products: We use top-of-the-line disinfectants that are proven to kill coronavirus. 
  • Meticulous cleaning protocols: Any surface you touch has been disinfected within the past three hours. 
  • Sanitizing stations: We’ve added 10+ hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipe stations at each club. 
  • Hands-free amenities: We’ve upgraded amenities to create a contactless experience when possible. 

Physical distancing

  • Reduced capacity: Our capacity will be reduced by more than 50 percent.
  • Equipment spacing: We’ve taken every other machine out of commission where needed. 
  • Floor markers and signage: We’ve updated our clubs to facilitate social distancing. 
  • Virtual training: We’ll continue to offer Thrive Anywhere and City Fitness Live for anyone who wants to train with us from home. 

The Community Code (Community safety is a team effort. We’ll need your help!)

  • Book your visits: Appointments will be required for all club visits. 
  • Wear a mask: In accordance with city guidelines, masks are required at all times inside the club, except when needed to eat or drink. Masking may limit some activities (e.g. high-intensity aerobic activity). The city has advised that this requirement will be adjusted at a later time as the covid-19 emergency allows.
  • Follow the 6-foot rule: Respect each other’s space. 
  • Wipe down equipment: Use our disinfecting wipes before and after every use.

See here for the details of our plan. There will be some adjustments for all of us, but we’re committed to prioritizing the health of our community above all else, so we’re investing heavily in the changes that experts have advised. We appreciate your support as we all adjust to a new normal, and I know it’ll be worth it when we can see each other in the clubs again.

Keep in mind that we’re constantly fine tuning, so we may have more upgrades and updates to come. You can always find the latest at

Thank you for your ongoing patience and support. It continues to get us through these challenging times. It feels like there’s finally a light at the end of the tunnel—we can’t wait to see you there.


As you know, our doors have been closed since mid-March to help flatten the curve. The well-being of our community is our top priority. With that in mind, we’ve been closely watching state and local guidelines to see when we can reopen responsibly.

On Friday, state officials announced that they expect Philadelphia to enter the “yellow phase” of reopening by Friday, June 5. While some restrictions will ease during the yellow phase, gyms will remain closed, along with schools, restaurants, salons, and large gatherings.

Gyms can reopen during the “green phase” of reopening. Officials have not yet announced when Philadelphia will reach the green phase, so we’re still watching and waiting to determine our reopening date. We’ll keep you posted when we know more.

In the meantime, we haven’t gone anywhere: We have not furloughed any team members, and our entire staff is working hard to help you take care of yourself, both now and in the future. 

For now: We’re here for you every single day, helping you stay healthy from a distance. If you haven’t already, join us on:

For the future: We’re investing in new, cutting-edge resources to protect the health and safety of our community when we reopen, using guidance from health officials. More details to come when our reopening gets closer.

As always, we’ll keep you posted when there is news to share. Until then, we’ll see you on the internet, and we’re grateful as always for your support.

Member Update, april 13th

When we closed our doors in March, we gave members the option to keep their memberships active because we wanted to have the best shot at supporting our staff through this crisis. The support you’ve shown us over the last few weeks has floored us.

Our business has taken a hit, yes. But we’ve been able to continue to pay our staff. Because of you, we have not laid off or furloughed any employees. Our team is grateful.

Since we made that decision weeks ago, much has changed. We are now hopeful that we’ll be able to receive emergency funding from the federal government that will allow us to support our staff through the coming weeks. There is still lots of uncertainty, but if we’re able to support our staff with the government’s help, we no longer want to ask that of our members.

As a result, we will stop billing for memberships starting tomorrow, April 14.

Here’s what that means for you:

Dues will be waived from April 14 until after we reopen. (Our reopening date is to be determined, based on when officials say it is safe.)
If you kept your membership active for any time during our closure, you will still receive the credits that we laid out in previous communications: a dollar for dollar rewards points credit, which you can use toward your dues or other products and services, plus a Thrive session and a WE/FIT session. These credits will be made available after we reopen.

If you are a Thrive member, Thrive dues will also be waived from April 14 until after we reopen, unless you have already signed up for our Thrive Anywhere program.

In the meantime, we’re not going anywhere. We’re going to keep doing everything in our power to lead our community through this difficult time.

Here’s how you can continue to stay connected and moving with us:

City Fitness Live: Our new site brings our studio classes to you. We’re making this free for all members, regardless of whether you had previously frozen your membership. (Members: Check your email for instructions for how to access City Fitness Live at no charge.)

Thrive Anywhere: Our new program lets you train with our Thrive coaches from home. We think you'll love it so much we're offering you a complimentary week to try it out. Sign up here.

Thank you for sticking with us, for understanding as we’ve navigated these challenges, and for sending us notes about what City Fitness means to you. You have given our team purpose. We’ll continue to be here for you, and we’ll stay in touch as we find new ways to do so.

If you have any questions, please see our Frequently Asked Questions guide. You can also always reach out to us here.

Member Update, March 25th

Thank you so much for your continued support of City Fitness. Over the last week, we’ve been overwhelmed with gratitude for our community. It’s clear that we need fitness, health, and connection now more than ever.

Based on the city’s stay-at-home order, City Fitness will remain closed until further notice.

We’ve been hard at work building a place where we can continue to break a sweat together in the era of social distancing. We’re thrilled to announce that we’re launching our new virtual home, City Fitness Live, on March 26. Active members will receive complimentary access while our doors are closed. Active members will receive an email on March 26 with instructions on how to access it at no charge.

If you’ve decided to keep your account active during this closure, I want you to know that any dues collected are going toward paying our staff and essential operating expenses, and increasing the likelihood that City Fitness will still be here when this crisis passes. Our goal is to survive this closure and take care of our staff to the best of our ability.

We’re grateful to you and want to do our best to return the favor when we’re able. For those of you who remain active members during the closure, we plan to give you a credit for one month of dues after we reopen. This credit will be given in the form of City Fitness Philly Rewards points. That way, you can use it directly toward your dues, or toward products and services like training sessions, shakes, and gift cards to local businesses. Your choice. We’ll share more details on how to use this credit when we reopen. Note, this credit is in addition to the Thrive and WE/FIT session we’re granting to members who remain active during the closure.

All of that being said: We completely understand if you need or want to freeze your membership. You can do so by following the instructions here. Please note, it takes 7 days to process a freeze request from the time it is submitted. Once your request is processed, it will take effect on the next billing date. Remember, we can’t process freeze requests over email.

Philadelphia is nothing if not resilient. We will get through this together. Thank you for continuously reminding us of that over the last couple weeks.

Thrive Member Update, March 19th

It’s times like this that make us realize how truly lucky we are to be able to train together at City Fitness. Our Thrive team has spent the last few days finding ways to keep our Thrive community connected and progressing together while our buildings are closed.

It’s been a powerful reminder of how simple and accessible fitness can be, in the hands of the right coach. Machines and weights have their place, but with smart programming, there are incredible benefits to be had by training with little more than your own bodyweight.

To keep us thriving together during this time of uncertainty, we’ve created at-home versions of our Thrive program, a brand-spanking-new app, and a virtual coaching platform—all of which you can start taking advantage of right now.

In our virtual training sessions, your coach will lead live Thrive workouts that you can do right in your living room, broadcast to your training group via Zoom. Follow along from home and stream your video back to us—our team will be watching to coach your form, answer questions, and cheer you on! Contact your Thrive coach to participate in these sessions if you haven’t already.

In our app, you can access these at-home Thrive workouts, complete with exercise demonstration videos, anytime, anywhere. You can also log your workout stats so you and your coach can track your progress together, and stay connected with your coach to keep you motivated and accountable. Check your email for an invitation to the app from your coach, and then download it on the App Store or Google Play.

We are so grateful for the support from all of you who have opted to keep thriving with us virtually. That said, if you need or want to freeze your Thrive membership, you have the option to do so. (You’ll need to freeze your Thrive membership separately, even if you already froze your City Fitness membership.)

We are waiving the usual 30-day notice period for Thrive freezes under these unprecedented circumstances. We will process all freeze requests as fast as humanly possible, and after the request is processed, the freeze will go into effect on the next billing date. Any unused sessions will remain on your account for you to use when we reopen. Please know that our billing system is currently overloaded, and bear with us. You can submit your Thrive freeze request at the corresponding page for your home club:

We look forward to breaking a sweat with you all again soon. Thank you for sticking with us during this extraordinary time. We’re in this together, and we’ll get through it together.

Member Update, March 17th

This club was founded on the idea that City Fitness would be more than a gym: It would be a community. That promise has never been more important than it is today.

Our doors may be closed, but we’re doing everything in our power to sustain our community in mission and in spirit until we can reopen. 

We’re creating at-home versions of your favorite City Fitness workouts that you can stream, starting tomorrow. These workouts are specifically created to use minimal or optional equipment so you can stay active at home. Stay tuned for more details tomorrow. We’ve also partnered with Les Mills to enable members to stream more than 80 Les Mills workouts, starting right now.  Members, check your email for the link to access these workouts.

Thrive members, your coaches will be in touch very soon with details on how to keep progressing in your training.

We hope that you’ll keep your membership active during this two-week virtual period if you can. For those of you who keep your memberships active, we’ll provide a complimentary Thrive session and WE/FIT session when we reopen as a token of gratitude. We hope we can open our doors again in two weeks as planned, but we’ll stay in touch and continue to find ways to support you if official mandates change. 

We intend to pay all salaried employees during the brick-and-mortar closure, and take care of hourly staff to the best of our ability. The coming weeks could have a devastating impact on our business. Every dollar that comes in from membership will help minimize the financial impact on our employees.

That said, everyone is experiencing hardship right now. If you want to freeze your account, you can do so by following the instructions here. Please know that our billing systems are overwhelmed and can’t process requests immediately. However, we expect to process all freeze requests in the usual timeframe, to take effect by the next billing date. We can only process freeze requests submitted through the online freeze request form—we can’t process requests over email.

Keep an eye out for a note from us tomorrow: We’ll be sharing our first streaming City Fitness workouts, and more details on the workouts to come. 

We look forward to moving and breathing with you all again tomorrow. Thank you for sticking with us during this extraordinary time. We’re in this together, and we’ll get through it together.