It looks like 2021 will be starting off strong with the city’s recent announcement of reopening of gyms on Monday, January 4th, 2021. With this exciting news, we are currently moving full steam ahead with all necessary preparations to welcome you back to our clubs on January 4th.

In the event of a January 4th reopening, normal billing cycles will resume effective January 5, 2021. If your freeze status was scheduled to expire during the period we were closed, your status will be active once normal billing cycles resume. To verify the status of your account, you may use the City Fitness app or log into your MICO account online. If you would like to make changes to your membership status, please visit the City Fitness website.  

Thrive clients, please keep in mind that your Thrive membership is separate and you’ll need to contact your club’s Thrive manager to submit any changes.

We can’t thank you enough for all of your support and encouragement over these last few months. We hope you share our excitement for the new year and all the new and exciting tools and resources we have to help you achieve your health & fitness goals.

Stay tuned for more detailed information to follow next week. Until then, have a safe and happy holiday and we’ll see you in 2021.


The City Fitness Team

As many of you know by now, in response to the recent surge of COVID-19 cases, the City of Philadelphia issued new “Safer at Home” restrictions that have forced us to close our doors once again. While we cannot hide our disappointment over this news, City Fitness remains committed to doing our part in keeping our communities safe and limiting the spread of the COVID-19 virus. 

It should be noted however, that this closure is in no way a reflection of the immaculate condition in which our staff have kept our facilities or on how strongly we have upheld and enforced the safety protocols. I am proud of the manner in which we have been able to serve our communities and look forward to maintaining these exceptionally high standards.

I must also take this opportunity to recognize the truly amazing City Fitness staff. Despite constant pivoting, our employees have continuously stepped up to the challenge- working tirelessly in their commitment to your safety, your fitness, and overall health and wellness. I have never been more proud of our teams and the selfless fashion in which they have performed. 



All City Fitness facilities will be closed as of 10 pm on Thursday November 19th. The closure is currently scheduled for the next six weeks, with the potential to reopen as early as Saturday - January 2nd, 2021

The Outdoor Space will be closed as of 8pm on Friday November 20th. There is no additional activity scheduled to occur at this time.


Most staff will be temporarily furloughed during the period of closure. Since the start of the pandemic, the financial stability of our teams has been highly prioritized. Up to this point, City Fitness has proudly used every available resource to provide financial security to our employees. Although gut wrenching, the decision to furlough was the best option available to ensure staff would receive the necessary financial support during this period of closure. We remain hopeful that these measures are temporary, and have every intention of bringing our teams back in preparation for our 2021 reopening. So much so, that through creative negotiations with our health insurance carrier, employee health benefits will remain fully intact at no cost to the employee, throughout the furlough period. 


As previously communicated, the recurring billing for membership dues and Thrive Functional training was immediately suspended following the City’s announcement on Monday November 16th. These payments will remain on hold for the duration of the closure. Recurring billing is scheduled to resume when our facilities reopen. In the unfortunate event that the closure period is extended, the current hold on billing will remain in effect until we are permitted to resume indoor operations.

  • Annual Facility Fee: Any Annual Facility Fees that are scheduled to be charged during this closure will be processed as normally scheduled. 
  • Opt-in Billing: Members who wish to activate their billing at this time, will be granted unlimited access to a variety of offerings, including the City Fitness Live Platform. Select OPT-IN to start your access today! 
  • Pay-As-Go: If you choose to keep your billing suspended, members may also opt to make one time payments for the services or offering of their choice. Members can conveniently make one-time payment(s) by charging their account on file without altering the status of the hold currently placed on their recurring billing.


The hold currently placed on billing does not alter the status of your membership or Thrive account. Member status will remain as indicated prior to the shutdown. Members who wish to make changes to their account status may do so in accordance with our standard cancellation and freeze request policy

  • Previously Frozen Accounts: Membership or Thrive accounts that were on “Freeze” status prior to this shutdown will remain as such until the date indicated on your freeze request confirmation. Any recurring freeze payments will be waived during the closure period and will resume as normally scheduled upon reopening.
  • If your freeze is scheduled to expire during the closure period, your status will automatically update to ACTIVE, however your normal billing will remain suspended and only resume as scheduled ONCE THE FACILITIES REOPEN.
  • Requesting Future Freeze: In light of the automatic billing suspension, the option to Freeze your account has been temporarily removed. All submissions that were placed up to Monday November 16th will be processed as requested. Barring any unexpected changes to the closure timeline, the Freeze option will be reactivated 7-10 days prior to our reopening date for those who wish to keep their accounts inactive beyond the closure period.
  • Account Management: While our offices will be closed, members may manage their account status by visiting the billing page on the City Fitness website. Please keep in mind that with much of our staff furloughed, it is imperative that you follow the guidelines outlined in order to ensure the proper delivery of your request. City Fitness will not be able to accommodate freeze or cancellation requests submitted outside of the standard policy.
  • Member Experience: City Fitness will make every effort to uphold our exceptionally high customer services standards during this period of closure. We do however ask for your patience, as much of the staff will be furloughed. Unlike the previous shutdown, most staff email inboxes will not be monitored and thus otherwise normal points of contact will be unavailable. For those who need assistance during this time, please reach out using the contacts provided below.


City Fitness is making house calls! City Fitness will continue to provide cutting edge virtual fitness options to keep you fit and healthy as we approach the holiday season. Members may gain unlimited access by REACTIVATING dues or selected access with a one time payment for the service of your choice!

  • City Fitness Live: With live classes in all of City Fitness’ group exercise formats streamed daily and a library of over 600 classes On Demand, this is the only place online to experience what you expect from City Fitness every day from the comfort and safety of your own home. 
  • Thrive Anywhere: The only way to work with your Thrive Coach online, Thrive Anywhere is a platform to deliver the same functional training program with what’s available to you at home. Our team of Coaches will work with you live to motivate you, correct your form, and work with what you have as though you were with them on the turf.


Those who wish to support City Fitness may Opt-In and continue payments for membership dues. Members may reactivate auto billing or manually select the number of dues they wish to process. We understand that the pandemic has impacted many financially and so we are truly grateful and deeply appreciative for any level of support extended our way. 

For other ways to support, we ask that you consider Signing the Petition for the Health and Fitness Recovery Act of 2020 (H.R.8485).  This act was designed to provide $30B in relief funding to fitness businesses impacted by COVID-19, and would provide critical support in the recovery efforts of City Fitness and other fitness businesses across the US.


Our facilities will continue to undergo regular cleaning and maintenance in preparation for reopening. 


Pending further guidance from the City of Philadelphia, we are currently scheduled to reopen on SATURDAY JANUARY 2ND. Unless otherwise advised, we have begun preparations to resume in-club operations as of that date. Just as we have done in the past, we will communicate all plans for reopening, including the resumption of standard billing, prior to reopening.   

As always, thank you for your continued support. Stay safe, keep active, and we’ll see you in the new year!

Ken Davies
Founder and CEO
City Fitness